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Veronica Casebolt

Owner & Founder

Jack Casebolt

Video Manager

Joe Casebolt

Social Media Manager


The mission of Ketogenie \ kē-ˈtä-jə-nē \ is empowerment 

... becoming more confident in controlling one's life.


For decades the government has published guidelines telling us what to eat with the goals of promoting good health and preventing chronic disease.


But the people of the United States are getting fatter and less healthy.  US obesity rates have tripled since 1960 and for the first time the average American life expectancy has decreased; more than two of every three adults are overweight with an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia and a number of other health concerns. 


It is time for making the right personal choices - those guidelines haven’t worked for most people so let’s seek a better balance... blending what we knew with what we know - ancient wisdom for a modern lifestyle through the genesis of ketones!


Ketogenie \ kē-ˈtä-jə-nē \ synthesizes the ancient wisdom of purposeful eating and fasting rhythms with our modern lifestyle, backed by sound science.   


We value...

  • the wisdom from ancient rhythms of eating;

  • empowerment through purposeful choices. 

  • high-quality real food prepared without sweeteners;

  • our scarce time so convenience is important;

  • sound, unbiased scientifically-rooted information;  


and finally, we value community, the sharing of experiences with support.

Ketogenie \ kē-ˈtä-jə-nē \ Perks recommends tools, apps, trackers, and products that support our Ketogenic and Fasting Lifestyle Goals

Ketogenie \ kē-ˈtä-jə-nē \ Perks sponsors new and promotes existing Ketogenic & Fasting Lifestyle Support Groups through North-East Colorado and through on-line channels:

Ketogenie \ kē-ˈtä-jə-nē \ Perks loves to Eat Well on Feast days! 

  • supporting the restaurants and businesses that support us

  • recommending Keto-friendly ingredients and ​​​​substitutions

  • celebrating food with Keto friends



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