Keto in Colorado - Eating Out

Fresh Thymes - Dragon Tacos

Blue corn tortillas, Korean marinated tofu, house made kimchi, carrot cucumber slaw, Sriracha aioli with generous avocado!


Mushroom ragu, all-natural chicken, egg, spinach, warm kale, toasted almonds and hemp seed blend, microgreens 360 cals, 32g protein, 7g net carbs

Whole Foods Salad Bar

Bring your own EVOO and vinegar to the Whole Foods in Boulder CO salad bar (I brought my own eggs, too).

In N Out - Keto style

Flying Dutchman!

Blooming Beets - warm salad

Blooming Beets Brunch - WARM SALAD with grilled chicken, Brussels sprouts, roasted beets, Haystack Mountain goat cheese, and power greens and topped with a perfectly poached pastured egg

Off-Menu Parmesan Salmon - Pasta Jays Bo

Going out for Keto -Italian in Boulder CO? Try Pasta Jays (ignore the pasta part) and order the "Salmon Special" without the pasta side - tell Jay 'Veronica sent you!'

Sizzling Chicken Tostada - Efrains Bould

Efrains favorite! Sizzling chicken tostada - the secret ingredient in the dressing is the red wine vinegar (but they use a bit of canola oil, so bring your own EVOO) and decline the chips!

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